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Traditional Paving

Traditional paving is a broad term that encompasses many different patio designs. It is a flexible and adaptable choice that can easily work in many different garden settings. Traditional paving can be functional without compromising on style and so is a great choice for patios, paths, courtyard gardens and driveways. Designs incorporating traditional paving options will be perfectly at home with modern builds and period properties.

Traditional paving material!
You can create a traditional patio using most paving materials. Here are some commonly-used options:

Whilst traditional patio designs are likely to have more formal or geometric lines, traditional paving still includes circles and arcs. Combine paving slabs of differing sizes to break up a patio design that would otherwise look too formal. Likewise, how you choose to lay the slabs and blocks will define the look. Laying slabs diagonally will create more interest, especially in a linear form such as a pathway.

Combining different materials is a great way to add more interest to a traditional patio design. Block pavers make great edging to a patio or path. They add definition plus work well for lawn edging too. Choose different colours to add more drama.

Overall, traditional paving is practical and stylish and it is a safe choice for any garden.

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Tegula circle
Natural sandstone
Buff natural sandstone
Grey multi sandstone
Natural sandstone and tegula mix​
Natural sandstone circle

Rustic Paving

Rustic paving is all about natural textures, informal lines and meandering pathways. The edges of rustic patios are softened by gravel or stone chips and by plants spilling over their flower beds. Rustic patio designs are organic and have a more natural feel than traditional or contemporary designs. They work well for relaxed settings, such as cottage garden and kitchen garden designs. Rustic paving also works well in smaller gardens such as a courtyard garden.

Rustic paving materials

Natural textures and reclaimed materials work well as rustic paving. Here are some common choices when creating a rustic design:

For a rustic patio, try combining a variety of different materials to bring a richness of textures. Quirky and seemingly random arrangements of slabs and pavers in different sizes will give it its rustic character. The edges of patios should feel organic and informal. Pathways almost blend into the borders and lawn or are instead reduced to just a few stepping stones.

The informal and relaxed style of rustic patios is also suitable for eco-gardens and wildlife gardens. Anywhere where the emphasis is on nature. Repurposed materials can look great in a rustic garden and can be very eco-friendly. For wildlife-focused designs, where the planting is likely to be more natural or ‘wild’, rustic paving styles will shine.

Rustic paving schemes are best suited to any cottage-style house or properties with a little age such as Victorian terraces. Any small garden should also consider a rustic paving style because of how much character can be condensed into a small space. But the rustic style patio and garden can be brought to any property using clever and thoughtful garden design.

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Contemporary Paving

Contemporary paving design is sleek, stylish and cool. The colours of contemporary patio designs often favour neutral or cooler colours such as greys and whites. Geometric lines create a structured and polished look. The precision of the paving is balanced by the planting to create a harmonious finish. Contemporary gardens include more architectural plants where the focus is on foliage.

Contemporary paving on a large scale will create bold designs in bigger gardens with long lines leading the eye. But equally so, contemporary patio designs can create intimate courtyard gardens where the beauty is in the simplicity. Likewise, contemporary paving is also a good choice for paths and driveways.
Contemporary paving materials

Contemporary patios typically utilise larger paving slabs and tiles to create uniformity of the paving surface. There are no rules when it comes to choosing contemporary paving materials but here are some common choices:

Contemporary paving is often more minimal in it’s look but that doesn’t have to mean plain. Contemporary designs use fewer materials to create elegant and peaceful gardens. For example, a modern Japanese-themed garden with beautiful maple trees and grasses set against cold stone achieves balance. Or consider a contemporary Mediterranean garden design where the focus is on a space for entertaining. In a contemporary garden design, rendered brick walls are painted for a smooth, clean finish. Modern water features are also popular additions to contemporary gardens and add their simple, tranquil appeal. When set against a period property, gardens with contemporary paving will create a dramatic mix of old and new. Any building with modern or trending design elements will happily suit a contemporary garden design. Urban gardens, roof terraces and courtyard gardens will all shine with a contemporary paving design. Are you ready to get a patio space for your garden? Call us now on 0116 4781774