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Here's Why Most Homeowners In Leicestershire Install A New Patio Space

(and the 6 mistakes they all make when hiring a paving contractor)

Do you enjoy every sunny day in your garden, having a barbecue with lots of friends and family around, or just quietly taking a moment in the morning sunshine?

If the answer is yes to any of those. You’ll agree with this.

Most people have their garden patio laid to try and recreate the feeling of being on holiday when the sun shines. The minute the sun is forecast you can’t find a bag of charcoal briquettes anywhere.

Having a large patio space is a great addition to you home and the paving choices make it easy for choosing what style suits your house. For example, if you live in a house built in the 50’s or 60’s you can still get a contemporary/modern patio slab that will complement it.

The challenge; picking a paving type that looks good, adds value to the property, and last years without too much aftercare.

The reality is, without professional advice and experience you’ll be guessing and that’s where our team at Leicestershire Paving Company can help so call us now on 0116 4781774

How To Know You’ve Found The Right Company

You’ll most likely ask yourself ONE question when you meet your landscaper. “Will this person be able to do a good job?”.

Which is a great question to ask. It’s not the most important though. Read on.

Whether you’re looking for…

A contemporary patio area for hosting summer barbecues… or a traditional looking patio area to relax with a morning brew… or a beautiful cottage style patio area perfect for enjoying your breakfast in the summer…

Every landscaper in Leicestershire can do that for you…

And, we agree, your patio should be durable, eye-catching and safe. Yes, your patio should make the neighbours envious and the family talk about it. And yes, your patio should be professionally installed and guaranteed.

But that’s not why you’re having the patio.

Most people miss this…

Here’s the most important question you can ever ask when installing your new patio:

“Does this person understand what I want and why I want it?”

When You Know You’ve Found The Right Landscaper

Once you’re sure you’ve been listened to you can:

Why would I tell you this? We’re not a fly-by-night paving company. Paving has been in our family for 25 years. We’re passionate about it. We’re proud to be in the industry.

Yes, we’re very creative and artistic. Yes, we have the best paving contractors in Leicestershire.

Yes, we provide an aftercare service which includes pressure washing of all paving. But our strength is in our ears. Let me explain.

We listen to exactly what it is YOU want.

We know it’s YOUR patio, not ours.

We understand YOU live with the end result, not us.

So, we do something unique. We create a patio space with essence. We put feeling into our projects. We leave you with a patio space that feels how you want it to, as well as looks like you want it to.

Here’s how…

Full Consultation

You’ll receive a full consultation to go over everything you want from your patio space. Which will include a site survey and drainage assessment (FREE if you qualify)

3D Design

You’ll receive a 3D design of your new patio to show you how it looks before we start. If you’re excited when you see the design you’ll know it’s right

Work Schedule

You’ll receive a detailed schedule of works showing you how long the project will take. How we lay the patio. When you need to be around to make decisions

Clean Down

You’ll receive a professional clean down on completion. This includes all working areas and all windows, doors, guttering and drain pipes.

Full Guarantee

You’ll receive a 12 month guarantee on all workmanship. If, anything we’ve installed happens to move – as these things do sometimes – we’ll fix it free of charge

And, now we've added something even more valuable...

On request, we can provide a comprehensive maintenance visit exactly 12 months after completion. During the maintenance visit we’ll steam wash your patio and clean your drainage so your patio looks like new again. Ask for prices

So, are you ready to speak to Leicestershire’s #1 patio specialist?

Your patio will be eye-catching, durable (and safe), it’s our promise

What Our Clients Say

Collin & Delia Geary

Our clients in Coalville, Leicestershire now have a delightful garden patio with a choice of two new seating areas where they can relax and enjoy their morning coffee. To ensure the garden patio stays looking fantastic, we’ll provide maintenance for their natural stone paving.

Mr & Mrs Blackburn

By carefully shaping the garden patio paving for our client in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire we’ve made it possible for our clients to still enjoy the surrounding landscape. So, they can now relax in comfort and enjoy the view from their new natural stone patio.

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Here's the 6 mistakes to avoid when hiring a paving contractor

Mistake #1

Laying natural stone paving is a skill. Most general builders can lay a sandstone paving slab and it will look great. Understanding the source of the stone and what movement it makes over time is crucial to the longevity of your investment. Avoid contractors who lack knowledge of the paving source.

Mistake #2

Now more than ever drainage is a crucial part of the patio space. The rain when it falls, falls heavy and surface water can damage the toughest of patios. So, connecting drainage correctly is important because once the patio is laid you won’t be able to see if there’s any damage being caused to your house foundations. Avoid contractors who drain water into gravel strips around the property.

Mistake #3

There’s more natural products coming on to the market every year. Some of it isn’t what it appears to be. Using a supplier like Marshalls, Bradstone, or Stonemarket is highly recommended. Not only do they produce great aftercare they also source their products from the correct places (ask our team to show you the difference). Avoid contractors selling low priced natural stone products.

Mistake #4

The earth’s surface is continually expanding and contracting with the seasons. With the best ground preparation possible the paving could still move slightly in time. A good contractor will know this. Avoid contractors without a good solid guarantee and aftercare service.

Mistake #5

Always follow a detailed plan. Landscapers and paving contractors have an eye for laying patios. That doesn’t mean they should go ahead without a design. Besides you’ll be much more likely to get what you want, if you know what it is you’re getting. Avoid contractors who work without a design and measurements.

Mistake #6

However long your current patio has been laid the ground beneath it will always need correcting before you lay new paving slabs. Over time the sub grade (soil beneath the hardcore) becomes soft and needs stabilising. A new sub base is needed every time a patio is laid. Avoid contractors who want to lay over an existing sub base.

P.P.S there’s no ‘best’ time to get a patio laid. If selected properly the products available on the market allow your patio to be laid at any time of the year. Call us now on 0116 4781774 and we’ll guide you through the process of designing a patio space that will stand the test of time.